Costa Ricans on board

We welcome our latest additions: La Cumbre Gesha and Tacacal SL28 . Two coffees from Costa Rica that have a unique flavor and aroma.

Going into the origin

Costa Rica is a country whose coffees stand out in one way or another. At the beginning of the 19th century, the coffee seed was introduced to Costa Rica and thanks to the money that coffee production brought, Costa Rica went through a process of modernization. Over the centuries, Costa Rica has further improved its coffee production and quality, characteristically a cup of coffee that is clean and enjoyable.

The producers

Daniela Gutierrez Estate

Behind every coffee there is a great producer. In this case, we have two different producers, one for each coffee. In charge of La Cumbre Gesha we have a 26-year-old young woman, Daniela Gutierrez. Daniela was clear that her roots were linked to her family and coffee, so when she finished university she decided to start coffee production. She is passionate and has brought us wonderful coffee.

As for Tacacal SL28 coffee, the producers are the Aguilera Brothers. These 12 brothers have followed a family tradition in which the care and pampering of coffee is part of everyday life. They have exotic varieties such as Villa Sarchi, Gesha, or SL28, and above all they deal with microlots of coffee.

We are lucky to be able to count on these producers for the presentation of these coffees on Friday, September 9, 2022. Our sister cafe, Misión Café, has given us its brand new space inside The Student Hotel to carry out the presentation and tasting. of these coffees.

The coffees

La Cumbre Gesha is an unbeatable coffee. It stands out for its texture in the mouth that reminds us of molasses. Its flavor is characteristic and shared with other coffees of the same variety: bergamot, orange blossom water and caramel.

Tacatal Tree

And the Gesha variety is already known in the world of specialty coffee. Although it can also be spelled as Geisha, we have preferred to opt for the Gesha variant since this is the most faithful to the name where it is believed that this variety was found for the first time. This variety stands out for its floral aroma and flavor, as well as for producing excellent cup quality.

Tacacal SL28 stands out for its tropicality: drinking it transports you to a Caribbean beach. The first sip fills you with the freshness of white flowers and then its flavor expands in the mouth with notes reminiscent of mango and apricot hearts.

The SL28 variety is an exotic variety for Costa Rica, since it is characteristic of African countries such as Kenya or Uganda. The name is the acronym for Scott Laboratories, the organization that developed this variety. This variety is incredibly productive, hardy and produces magnificent coffee quality.


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