Olive Maple Syrup Latte

Olive oil with coffee? It may sound very strange and even unappetizing to you. It happened to us the first time we heard it.

In other countries with a widespread specialty coffee culture, some cold coffee recipes that included olive oil were beginning to be seen. After the initial shock we became curious, we tried it mixed with maple syrup and we found it to be a very pleasant and surprising drink.

And we think what better place to drink this combination than in our country, where olive oil is such an essential product.

The result is a very creamy and buttery drink, with a very pleasant density that works great with ice. Extra virgin olive oil is a bitter product, which in contrast to the characteristic sweetness of maple syrup creates a very balanced and interesting drink.

Maple syrup can be replaced with some other syrup or sweetener, but in our experience the notes that this product provides are perfect in conjunction with the oil.

We advise you not to get carried away by first impressions as happened to us. Dare to try this curious mixture and you'll tell us :)


We make an espresso with the machine, we beat it with ice and in equal parts a splash of maple syrup and a splash of extra virgin olive oil . Approximately 10 ml.


It is a coffee that is served very cold , so we recommend a medium-large glass filled with ice. We fill it about 2/3 with cow's or vegetable milk (in our experience barista oat milk works very well due to its creaminess), and we add the initial mixture to the remaining third.


In a separate glass, fill with ice, pour two-thirds of milk or vegetable drink, and pour in the mixture that we had previously shaken.

We use extra virgin oil from the SOLO brand, and for this recipe we chose the picual variety.



If you have more questions, we leave you a direct link to a video in which we explain step by step how we do it :)