How do I know what coffee I'd like more?

Surely, by tasting. If you like the acidity, look for those flavours in the description, and if you like them sweeter, choose sweet flavours. You're likely to get it right. We work with coffees from different origins, with very different personalities and flavours.

Light or medium roast?

As you may already know, coffee can be roasted with different profiles, playing with heat and time to modulate its flavour. Normally, in light roasts, the fruity and bright nuances are highlighted and there is a higher volatile load, so they are usually recommended for those who like filtered coffee or drink espresso but more diluted (so that the acidity is not overwhelming), while in medium roasts, there is a greater caramelisation and the resulting flavours are sweeter, chocolatey and fuller-bodied. For this reason they are usually recommended for those who drink it black and don't want a lot of acidity or for those who drink it with milk.some coffees are roasted with only one type of profile because we believe that that bean expresses itself better that way, regardless of the method you use to prepare it. For the moment we don't roast dark, where bitterness would predominate, but we don't rule it out in the future because we know that some fans of coffee with a lot of body and bitterness also exist.

Ground or whole bean?

In beans, it keeps longer and retains its qualities better, but when ground it also holds up very well. We grind it differently on demand depending on your coffee machine. If you are really hooked on coffee -and we hope you are-, it is more than advisable and a great investment to buy a manual or automatic grinder.

When will my order arrive?

Between 1 and 2 working days. The courier collects orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.30. As soon as it leaves here, we send a tracking number by email so that we can follow the shipment at all times. For more details, you can consult our shipping policy

Can I train and learn with you?

Please! We have been training baristas of all kinds for years, there are those who come to learn from scratch and those who come to improve or perfect their technique, and everyone leaves happy. Click here to learn more about our courses

I'd like to open a specialty coffee shop, could you help?

There are few things we like more in life. You provide the premises and the soul and here we provide the rest: the coffee, the knowledge, the training, the machinery, the experience of so many years. Fill in this form and we will contact you!

I already have a coffee shop, but I'd like to use specialty coffee

Hooray! Thank you for joining this crusade against bad coffee. We will accompany you in the change. Please contact us for more information.

I'd love to join your team

What a joy. Sometimes we need people, sometimes the cafés we serve coffee to, so please contact us so we can keep you in our database and let you know.

What coffee shops serve Hola Coffee beans?

En nuestras cafeterías y en todas estas cafeterías amigas fueled by Hola Coffee.

Tips to make better coffee

  1. The basics: the coffee must be good. Not too high a natural roast, Arabica and traceable.
  2. Water. Don't use water you wouldn't drink, it doesn't get any better with coffee. We always recommend water that is neither too hard nor too soft (between 75 ppm and 250 ppm), without smells or flavours, we get a bit crazy. In our coffee shops we opt for filtered tap water, but in other places we have worked with osmosis or mineral water.
  3. The coffee machine: clean, as clean as possible.
  4. If the coffee is freshly ground, the better, it is always more aromatic and has more flavour. It lasts for 60 days. After that it does not spoil but it starts to lose strength.
  5. Keep in its own bag with the zip tightly closed, in a cool, dry place, away from strong smells and sunlight. It is a hoax that it keeps better in the fridge, coffee is very porous and absorbs odours from other foods.
  6. Do not overheat it. Once brewed, coffee tends to oxidise and deteriorate quickly. Don't reheat it even if you have a hangover.