Hola Coffee, adiós old bag

We have it, after a long time thinking about it we have found the perfect packaging for our coffee. Between pandemics, materials and transportation crises, we have been delayed a little, but we finally have it here.

And you will wonder, what is so special about them?

First, they are compostable , following the path of sustainability we have found some bags that can be thrown into the organic container without losing quality when preserving the coffee and it took us a lot of trial and error to achieve it. There are not too many suppliers of this type of materials specialized in coffee bags: you have to put a valve on them to degas and compostable materials break down more easily than traditional plastic.

Secondly, because you no longer have to turn them over to see what origin they are. Now everything is on the front.

And the back? Well, a fun game of words, we put the Goodbye and you fill it in to your liking, goodbye roasted, goodbye vending, goodbye...

On the other hand, we have long wanted to simplify the information on the label. We have added a QR code for those who want to know more about the variety, the farm or the process.

But what we are most excited about is that each country will have its color code, so when your aunt asks you for “that coffee that she liked so much the last time” with a “the label was green” you will not fail in the purchase.

Right now we are working on doing the same in the 1kg format. Soon in the best houses.

Valentina Cartechini.

video element.

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