Hola Coffee was founded by two friends, Pablo and Nolo, in 2016. Between the two of us, we have accumulated years of experience working in different areas of the coffee industry, and together we made the decision to develop our own project. At Hola Coffee, we embody our vision of specialty coffee and our passion for the community that surrounds it. The project has evolved over the years and has established itself as a strong reference in specialty coffee both inside and outside of Madrid, transforming from the dream of two product enthusiasts into a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best possible quality and service.

In our two locations in Madrid, we showcase our approach to coffee service, but the coffee we roast at our Roastery in the Lucero neighborhood is also served at the best specialty coffee shops and shipped online to enthusiasts around the world.

Hola Coffee has also become an element of knowledge dissemination through the academy we founded and the podcast we record, which is essential to accompany the project.

All this passion is always guided by strong values:

Enjoyment. We transfer the quality of the product to the processes and experiences generated around it.

Simplicity. We speak the same value code as our partners, based on proximity and trust to ensure that the best coffees in the world can be enjoyed by everyone.

Inclusiveness. Speciality coffee should not be elitist. We believe in spreading knowledge and sharing to foster accessibility to this special world.

Hola Coffee Roasters