Specialty compostable capsules!

We recently presented our coffee capsules to you. These capsules are born from our mission that anyone can drink better coffee, regardless of which method they use. 

What is it?

A coffee capsule is a variable portion of coffee (in our case 5.5 grams) contained in… a capsule! This type of coffee is used in Nespresso® type systems, a brand that is completely compatible with our capsules. 

Is it specialty coffee?

Yeah! In our capsules we use specialty coffee. In fact, we use our own coffee: Lucero Blend and Decaf – Do Not Disturb ☾ .

The capsules have the same quality as the coffee purchased in beans at Hola. Being a specialty, the coffee has obtained a minimum score of 80 out of 100 in a tasting carried out by a taster certified by the Coffee Quality Institute .

Why have we created these capsules?

We want specialty coffee to be consumed by anyone, without the need for any other equipment that is not already on hand at home.

We know the world of specialty coffee can be intimidating, which is why coffee capsules are a great solution. Anyone who wants to enjoy coffee can have specialty coffee at their fingertips with a single click, without compromising quality.

Creation process

To create these capsules, the first thing we did was roast our Lucero Blend and Decaf – Do Not Disturb ☾ coffee. The coffee is then ground and inserted into the capsule. Immediately, the capsules are sealed, thereby protecting the coffee from oxidation. 


One of the negative sides of regular coffee capsules is that they produce a lot of waste. Typically, these capsules are made of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PET) and sealed with aluminum. This type is recyclable if the appropriate measures are taken: wash them and then separate the aluminum from the plastic and each one to its respective container.

In the case of Hola Coffee capsules, we have chosen a completely compostable material : bio-based polymers. This means that it can be biodegraded into compost after 26 weeks without generating any toxic products. Our capsules are certified according to the European standard EN13432.


You don't have to worry about the freshness of the coffee!

Being hermetically sealed, the capsules maintain the characteristics of the coffee in optimal conditions for long periods of time. In addition, it has an oxygen barrier and the lid, also compostable, is made with a filter that cannot be torn.

Even so... on the capsules you will find an expiration date. This date is really an indicator of how long the coffee maintains its flavor and aroma inside the capsule.


First we turn on and preheat the coffee maker if necessary. We make sure it has enough water. 

We insert the capsule into the coffee maker and select the appropriate option. If your drink preference is an espresso style, we recommend approximately 15g of final drink.

Once the coffee is made, enjoy!

Tip : the Nespresso® coffee machine can be recalibrated to always obtain the same amount of final drink. For this you will need a scale and a cup. We place the cup on the scale and tare it. We place a capsule in the coffee maker and press and hold the button (espresso or lungo) until we obtain the desired total final drink and release the button. The coffee machine will now be calibrated.

Niki Villegas

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