Summer specials are coming

We introduce you to the new summer drinks! Fresh & Reddy and Princess Peach.

Fresh & Reddy has a cold brew base. Combined with the sweetness of the raspberry puree, the acidity of the lemon juice and the slight bitter touch provided by the Aperol, this drink is perfect to enjoy on summer afternoons.

Princess Peach is personalized freshness in a drink. It has nothing more than kefir, peach puree, lemon juice and syrup. The final touch is given by a pinch of salt and some mint leaves.

How have we created these recipes?

After trying different combinations of ingredients, we found the perfect combination to create these two drinks that provide an interesting flavor on the palate. To decide which drink we have as a special during the summer, every year we hold a contest with all the baristas. Last year we had the drinks Frskto , Green Tea Colada and Chaff Sour as winners. This year's winners were Javi Martínez, presenting Fresh & Reddy , and David Garrido of Misión Café, with Peach Princess .

Fresh & Reddy has a name that perfectly describes the drink: it is fresh to drink during any summer afternoon, and also leaves you ready to enjoy the rest of your day. The name fits perfectly, since reddy also describes its reddish color. His recipe is the following:

  • 30g strained raspberry and blackberry puree
  • 40g cold brew
  • 20g lemon juice
  • 50g of Aperol
  • 40g soda

Mix all the ingredients except the soda with ice in a shaker for a few seconds. Add a little more ice to the glass. Serve, add the soda, and enjoy.

On the other hand, Princess Peach owes its name to the character from the game Super Mario, apart from because the main ingredient in this recipe is peach. His recipe is simple:

  • 42g kefir
  • 84g peach puree
  • 20g lemon juice
  • 30g simple syrup
  • Pinch of salt
  • a few mint leaves

Mix and shake in the shaker. It is then served with some mint leaves on top. We are sure that if Princess Peach came to Hola Coffee, this would be the drink she would order.

On our Instagram we have uploaded a reel with the step by step so you can replicate them at home.