(CVA) Coffee Value Assessment course for cuppers.
(CVA) Coffee Value Assessment course for cuppers.
(CVA) Coffee Value Assessment course for cuppers.
(CVA) Coffee Value Assessment course for cuppers.

(CVA) Coffee Value Assessment course for cuppers.

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Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) - Course for Tasters is a two-day professional refresher designed for coffee tasters, during which they will learn and become familiar with the new SCA evaluation protocol (CVA) as a tool to evaluate coffee quality. coffee. The course is packed with hands-on activities to demonstrate the elements of CVA, including several tastings, but also includes some lectures and time for discussion.

General Objective: After completing the CVA Course for Cuppers, participants will be able to use and integrate the SCA Coffee Value Assessment (CVA) tools into their cupping practice.

Specific Objectives: After completing the CVA Course for Tasters, participants will be able to:

• Identify and use the new CVA sensory references.

• Explain the function and background of the key sensory assessment tools used in CVA: 15-point intensity scales, CATA lists, and hedonic scales.

• Use the CVA Descriptive and Affective Forms to describe and evaluate the coffee.

• Explain and use the new CVA system, including descriptive, affective and extrinsic assessment tools.

Who is this course for:

Current cuppers using the 2004 SCA cupping protocol, including, but not limited to: Professional cuppers, Arabica Q Assessors or former Arabica Q Assessors, people who use the SCA cupping system at least once a year month or have used it intensively at some point in recent years.

What you will get in the end

There are four tests in this course (written exam; identification of olfactory references; descriptive evaluation and affective evaluation). If you pass all the tests, you will receive a certificate. The certificate attests that you have learned CVA and that you can use it as a professional tool.

*Course prices reflect the following:
  • The quality of the training received based on years of experience in the coffee and educational sector.
  • The preparation of the class.
  • The quality of the equipment and materials used, as well as consumables
  • Very small groups.
  • Continuous training of teachers in courses, conferences, forums, etc.
** Cancellation policy:
When you purchase a place for a course, you will receive an email confirming it and we will begin to prepare the class. On the other hand, the places available to the public will be reduced by the same number that you have contracted and if the course is full it will no longer be possible to purchase. Although we understand unforeseen events caused by illness or accidents, our refund policy will reflect the costs arising from the preparation of that class and the place not being available to another buyer.
  • The money will be fully refunded if the course is canceled at least 21 days before it takes place. The student may also be offered another available date if they prefer to return.
  • A 50% cancellation fee will be charged if the course is canceled between 21 days and 48 hours of the course.
  • No money will be refunded nor will you be offered another date if the student does not attend the course or cancels with less than 48 hours' notice.
  • In the event of confirmed attendance of only 1 participant, the company has the right not to hold the course and give the option of a refund or alternative date.