Colombia - Javier Alvear Ají (Natural)

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Origin : Colombia - Huila (exactly here

Process : Natural

Altitude : 1800 meters above sea level.

Variety: Bourbon Ají

Producer : Javier Alvear

Harvest : 2023

TASTING NOTES: Raspberry, passion fruit, butter


Last October 2023 we traveled to Colombia to visit the Huila region with Jean and Juan Felipe from OPCE and Bryan Smith, there they introduced us to Javier Alvear and his entire family. Bryan represents the SATUS associative group, an umbrella under which 60 families produce differentiated coffees. Javier Alvear and his family are part of this group, and on their farm they grow this varietal that we finally have in our ranks and that already has a legion of fans.

The Ají varietal is very characteristic, with a tingling sensation that reminds us of cinnamon, sweet and spicy at the same time. In this case, through the natural process, that spicy character is complemented by notes of butter and passion fruit, and the soft acidity of raspberry. A gift for the palate.

You can also find it in its washed version


Javier Alvear has a lifetime of experience in the industry behind him. His family's relationship with coffee production goes back several generations and always in the Huila region, in Colombia.

Javier started out as a collector and soon realized that his passion was production. He traveled throughout Colombia studying the different producing regions and working in the sector, until he was able to return with some income to his place of origin to be able to take the reins of the farm where he grew up, Las Brisas.

With the unconditional support of his family, he began a journey dedicated to specialty coffee that has led him to the production of this very peculiar coffee that immediately captivated us as soon as we discovered it.

Bourbon Ají is specific to Huila. However, after several genetic studies it was discovered that it is not a Bourbon variety, but rather an endemic mutation of the area with Ethiopian origin.

These varietals naturally adapted to specific terrain and conditions over time without deliberate human intervention are known as Ethiopian Criollos or Ethiopian Landrace in English. This new variety was discovered when collectors perceived a unique and spicy smell around the plants.

When they were harvesting the cherries, they noticed a slight itch on the skin that gave this varietal its characteristic name: Ají, in honor of the spicy chili.


For espresso:

You can prepare it in your Italian coffee maker or if you have an espresso machine:

Use 16 grams of dry coffee to extract 45-48 grams of total drink in a cup in a time of 27 to 28 seconds.

Rest : 2 weeks (15-20 days)
Temperature : 92.5ºC
LaMarzocco Classic Line
Mill : Mahlkonig E68S
Scoops : VST 17g
Water : Pentair Everpure 70ppm
Pressure : 7 bars

For filter:

We use 19.5 grams of ground coffee and 360 grams of final water at 93 ºC, in a total time of 2'20" - 2'40". We make five pours of approximately 70 grams:

  1. Pour 70 g of water and let it drain for 15 seconds.
  2. Poured up to 127 g of water, allowing it to drain for 15 seconds.
  3. Poured up to 205 gr of water, letting it drain for 15 seconds
  4. Poured up to 282 g of water, allowing it to drain for 15 seconds.
  5. Poured up to 350-360 g of water, letting it drain for 15 seconds.
Rest : 2 weeks (15-20 days)
Method: V60
Mill : EK43
Water : Pentair Everpure 70ppm