Scale Acaia Pearl
Scale Acaia Pearl
Scale Acaia Pearl
Scale Acaia Pearl

Scale Acaia Pearl

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Master the art of coffee brewing with Acaia.

The only scale designed for coffee lovers that monitors weight, time and flow rate during coffee brewing. This is extremely important when making espressos or filtered coffees as the slightest variation in grams of coffee or water and time can produce very different results.

Simple, modern and minimalist, it has been designed with a software that turns it into a smart scale, compatible with your iPhone or Android smartphone, where you can control your brews, see the water flow in a real time graph, archive your recipes and share them with other users.

At Hola Coffee we also use this scale to weigh the dose of espresso coffee we put in the portafilter, as it is the perfect size for this.


- Fast. It has a response time of 20 microseconds so the reading is practically instantaneous.
-Accurate. Super sensitive even to weight changes due to vapour loss. Resolution is to the tenth of a gram.
-Timer. You can control all parts of the extraction with the stopwatch (counting forwards or backwards) and even synchronise it with your mobile phone.
- Adjustable auto shut-off. So that the scale never switches off during coffee preparation.
-USB charger. Forget about batteries. The battery lasts between 20 and 30 hours.

It has dimensions that make it very versatile both for making filtered coffees and for weighing the holder of your espresso machine (160mm x 160mm x 32mm).

Box contents:

*Acaia | pearl ™ coffee scale (white)
*Acaia | aerial ™ heat resistant pad
*Micro-USB cable
*Dimensions: 160mm(W) x 160mm(L) x 32mm(H)
*Maximum capacity 3kg.
*Units of measurement: oz , g
*Accuracy: 0.1g
*Battery: USB rechargeable
*Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0