Siesta Blend Half Caff

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50% Colombia, Caldas (exactly here)
50% Ethiopia, Arusi ( exactly here)

50% washed Ethiopia
50% Colombia decaffeinated sugarcane

Varietal: Heirloom and Caturra

Harvest: 2023/24

Tasting notes: White flowers, mandarin, vanilla


Many times all we need is the comforting flavor of coffee, enjoying its notes and nuances in a good cup. Or two.

Maybe it's already mid-afternoon and bedtime is getting closer. Maybe it's your first coffee of the morning, but you want to start the day calmly, slowly. Or it may be nap time and you don't want to miss this wonderful tradition.

For this we have created the Siesta Blend , a mixture of 50% caff and 50% decaff , also composed of two classic Hola Coffee: Ethiopia Nansebo Lavado and Colombia No Disturb. A smooth coffee, with light acidity and sweetness. With a point of energy but without going overboard, and with all the nuances of these two great origins.

Now you can drink your coffee, take a nap and get on with your life.



The Colombia decaffeination process is carried out in the city of Manizales with the ethyl acetate process naturally extracted from sugar cane. It combines high mountain spring water and Ethyl Acetate (EA) of natural origin; The latter is present in all coffee beans in their natural state (as well as in many fruits and vegetables), so the addition of synthetic chemicals of any kind takes place.

Natural EO is obtained through a process based on sugar cane and, together with mountain spring water, are the only elements with which the coffee comes into contact. This water-AE process allows for a gentle extraction of caffeine from the bean, avoiding excessive heat and pressure, thus maintaining the natural structure and characteristics of the coffee bean.

The Ethiopian Nansebo is a Heirloom whose generic name means “ancient root”. In Ethiopia there are thousands of unexplored varieties growing wild in the terroir. The variety is named after the area in which it grows and comprises the characteristic flavor of the area.

The process of this Nansebo is washing. Once the cherries are picked, the beans are pulped, fermented and dried in the sun inside the parchment.

The combination of these two coffees results in a smooth and sweet coffee, perfect to drink alone or with milk.