Nicaragua - Ojo de Agua

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Origin: Nicaragua, Mozonte ( exactly here )

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1,100 - 1,500 meters above sea level

Varietal: Yellow Pacamara 

Producer: Kathering Alieska Herrera Florian

Harvest: 2022/2023

Tasting notes: Yellow plum, Roses, Milk chocolate


Its name "Ojo de Agua" means the focus of the storm, and refers to the amount of water that falls at a certain time of the year. We think it is a very significant name, given how much the enzymatic flower fragrance stands out in this coffee. It has a milk chocolate and stone fruit base. It is sweet, with good body and high acidity. This yellow pacamara is the calm after the storm.


    For filter:

    We use 23 grams of ground coffee and 390 grams of final water at 91 ºC. We make four pours. The first pre-infusion of up to 66 gr for 35 seconds, second pour up to 190 gr, third pour up to 290 gr and finally the fourth up to 390 gr. In a total time of 3 minutes.

    Variables to take into account:

    1. METHOD: V60
    2. MILL: EK43
    3. WATER: 70 ppm


    This farm is located in El Pinavete, Mozonte and has belonged to the grandparents of the Herrera family for 12 years. His father, Ali Herrera, later took over until, as of 2019, it was managed by Kathering. She is 23 years old and is currently focused on the production of specialty coffee while caring for the environment.


    The process of this coffee is washed: the beans are collected, pulped, washed and left to ferment before drying.