Costa Rica - La Cumbre Gesha
Costa Rica - La Cumbre Gesha
Costa Rica - La Cumbre Gesha
Costa Rica - La Cumbre Gesha
Costa Rica - La Cumbre Gesha

Costa Rica - La Cumbre Gesha

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Origin: Costa Rica, Los Santos, San Marcos (exactly here)

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,750 meters above sea level

Varietal: Geisha

Producer: Daniela Gutierrez

Crop: 2022 

Tasting notes: lime kaffir, jasmine, marmalade, cane sugar


The Gesha variety arrives at Hola Coffee with its characteristic delicacy. This coffee is delicate with a honeyed acidity. Its flavour is reminiscent of kaffir lime, white flowers and has an extra sweetness similar to panela. As you drink it, you will find a dimension of amelocotonated and hoppy flavours. 


For filter:

We use 20 grams of ground coffee and 320 grams of final water at 93C. We make three pours. The first one of 50 grams, we wait 30 seconds and make two pours of 135 grams in a total time of 3 and a half minutes.

Variables to be taken into account:

  1. METHOD: V60
  2. GRINDER: EK43
  3. WATER: 70 ppm 


Daniela is a young entrepreneur with a passion for coffee. After graduating from university, she immediately realised that she wanted to return to her village San Marcos de Tarrazu, so together with her parents and sisters they have formed a great project that produces excellent coffees. We recommend a visit to her mill because it is one of the cleanest, most organised and we always take it as a model to follow.


The variety of this coffee is Geisha. This variety is associated with an extremely high cup quality, which improves when the plant is grown at higher altitudes and is known for its delicate floral, jasmine and peach aromas.

The process is washing. In this case, the coffee is uniformly harvested as ripe as possible, the husk is removed mechanically in a classic washed process. It is then placed on African beds to dry for approximately 10 days until it reaches optimum humidity.