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Origin: Colombia
Region: Bruselas, Pitalito - Huila
Farm: La Cabaña, exactly here
Producer: William Ortiz
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,700 - 1,900 meters above sea level
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Harvest: 2023

Tasting Notes: Red fruits, Amaretto, Cognac.


La Cabaña is one of the most complex coffees we have recently tasted. It is very fruity, sweet, and creamy, with a honey-like body and medium acidity. Its enzymatic fruity fragrance stands out, reminiscent of red fruits, Amaretto liqueur, and good Cognac.


We use 18 grams of ground coffee and 320 grams of water at 91ºC. We perform three pours. The first one with 50 grams, wait 30 seconds, and then two pours of 135 grams each, with a total time of 2' 30" / 3'.

Variables to consider

  • Method: Kalita / V60
  • Grinder: EK43
  • Water: 70 ppm


La Cabaña farm is located in Pitalito, in the Huila region. Specifically, it is situated in the upper part of the Bruselas district, in a location that is difficult to access due to its high mountainous geographical conditions. These same conditions favor the production of very special coffees because it receives all the sunlight from the Laboyos Valley but also experiences the cold from the high altitude, resulting in very cold nights and warm sunny days.The Ortiz family moved to this area around 1965, and since 2009, they have been working on this farm, which is also their home. William recalls that from a young age, he loved being involved in everything related to the farm, especially coffee. Later, during his student years, he formally trained to balance daily fieldwork with his passion for coffee innovation. He began experimenting with fermentation processes and started planting different varieties of very high quality on his farm, with controlled harvesting and fertilization. As a result of all this work, La Cabaña farm has participated in several Colombian Cup of Excellence competitions and has always been among the top 30 finalists.