AeroPress Coffee Maker

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The AeroPress is a super useful and versatile tool that unites both amateurs who are just starting to get interested in coffee and advanced professionals. This product combines the advantages of plunger, filter and traditional coffee machines, making it quick and easy to prepare a rich and aromatic coffee.

It's a coffee maker that gives you a lot of possibilities, you can make your coffee in an infinite number of different ways, that's why there is even a championship for making AeroPress. We propose you one, but we recommend you to explore all the possibilities of the device: vídeo.

The ultra-resistant plastic material is chemical-free and food safe. Its light weight and compact shape make it a perfect travel companion. We also sell a grinder that fits inside.

Included in the box:
1 AeroPress
350 paper filters
Cartridge case for easy storage and removal of the filters
Funnel for pouring coffee into the AeroPress
Measuring spoon
Removing shovel

If you run out of filters, we also sell them here.