Orea V3 MK2
Orea V3 MK2
Orea V3 MK2
Orea V3 MK2
Orea V3 MK2
Orea V3 MK2
Orea V3 MK2

Orea V3 MK2

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The already iconic and beloved OREA V3, with its unique patented ring, but improved.

In appearance very similar to its predecessor but with design and material innovations.

In this new update, 32 small teeth are added around the bed. These teeth generate small air pockets that relieve pressure around the entire coffee bed, and provide small escape areas for water. The result is high consistency, without clogging, even with flat filters or fine grinding. This allows a wide variety of recipes and variations: grinding, speed, time...

The material has also incorporated innovations, and in this new version it is a high-impact polypropylene. Accident proof of all kinds.

  • BPA free
  • FDA and EU approved for food safety
  • Similar in weight and feel to the original material (Trogamid)
  • Light, flexible and durable: adventure-proof
  • Ideal range: 12g - 28g (200 ml to 460 ml) [6.8oz to 15.6oz]
  • Single size: 185

How do you know if it is for you? If you want a simple, consistent, long-lasting and flexible way to make amazing coffee every day. If you travel often and are looking for a way to make coffee that is suitcase and backpack proof.

It is perfect for 1 or 2 people, and is not exclusive to expert users. Its design is so thoughtful and advanced that anyone can use it without failure.

* Filters and jug not included. It is compatible with Kalita 185 and 11, Orea Wave and Sibarist Fast Flat Orea Edition filters. For its preparation we recommend the Sense Carafe , specifically designed to combine perfectly with the Orea. To complete the experience to the fullest, we also recommend the Sense Glass , carefully developed to amplify all the qualities of the coffee.

We have a complete kit for coffee lovers, which includes the Orea V3 MK2, Sibarist Fast Flat filters, the Sense Carafe, the Sense Glass and a 250 gram package of coffee beans, we leave you a direct link