Hario V60 set (V60 + Glass jug + Filters)

Hario V60 set (V60 + Glass jug + Filters)

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The V60 is an iconic method in the world of coffee that comes from the historic Japanese house of Hario. 

We love the plastic V60 (safe for food use) as it is thermally very good at retaining heat and is virtually unbreakable. Its conical shape and the markings on the inside ensure an even flow of water inside.

In this set you will find: a 600ml Hario Japanese glass jug, 40 paper filters and a spoon to make measuring coffee easy if you don't have a scale.

If you run out of filters, we sell them here.

Making coffee with the V60 is super easy:

1. Place the filter inside the cone and wet it with hot water to remove any cellulose taste and warm up the device.
2. Put coffee evenly into the cone and pour water between 92 and 95°C gently. The most common ratio of coffee to water is 60 grams per litre.
3. Wait for all the water to pass through the coffee and enjoy. The total brewing time should be between 3 and 4 minutes. To get into that time you have to make the grind finer or coarser (making it finer slows down the passage of water and making it coarser speeds it up).